Time in Madison, Alabama

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Too rich, too pretty, too much fun...are those possible?

Well, this is too much fun! How could people not just love doing this? And I LOVE the Create-a-Critter Cartridge! My baby is 17 yrs old and didn't think I needed this cartridge--I WAS WRONG!!! Don't let that stop you from getting it!! It makes the cutest cards!

The next time I make this card, I will make the igloo and penguin a little smaller. I think I did this one at 3" and the Just Chillin' at 2" (the Just Chillin' might be wrong--I honestly don't remember and didn't write it down). I used a pink mat and a white one--which I ran through the embosser with the snow flakes. It's been in the upper 90's here and I think it made me feel cooler just making this card! LOL!

Tell me what you think!


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