Time in Madison, Alabama

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hey, going to be away from my Cricut for a few days..

I'm going back to St. Louis (from Alabama) to see mom (89 and broke her hip almost 2 months ago), but I will have my Gypsy with me! I am taking my daughter with me and she will be driving alot of the way! That will give me time to play my DSi and play oh, I me plan some cuts for future projects!

I am loaning my cartridges (I have about 30--not so many to me--)to my best friend who just got her Cricut. She only has a few cartridges--so she's really cited!!!! This will let her decide which she wants to purchase and a chance to make some cards for OWH. It's a great project! I added a new button--for my Gypsy--I'm going to name her--any suggestions? Here's where you can get a Gypsy button.

I should be home Monday--so see you then!


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