Time in Madison, Alabama

Friday, June 25, 2010

I know I said I wasn't going to post for awhile, but....

I told you I was letting my best friend use my cartridges while I'm out-of-town, well, she said to meet her and she would buy my lunch....and my daughter was with me too! So we met at our new Earth fare and it was yummy! Of coarse we went to Micheal's across the street first!

Well, this is my 'happy' friend, Shelly and me! She has about 3 cartridges, but for a week she has about 30! That's why she's so happy! She is a dear Christian friend that is so good to me!

Well, I'll be back making cards next week, but no withdrawls for me, I have a gypsy--that little Cricut is going to be buzzing when I get back with all the files I'll have ready to cut!

Going NORTH!!!!

Linda H

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