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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lovin' my ATG 714...

You are so right Doubleclick--I cut out 6 'Bird-day' cards so I will have some ready--in advance--can you believe it? I'll post pictures later. Dau made a sympathy card for someone at her boyfriends church who had twins, premature, and one died. Sad.

I'll post a picture of hers too, tomorrow.

I even used my Texture Sizzix, it worked great and not heavy! Lovin' it too!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The UPS man stopped by today....finally!

and two separate boxes.

I've been wanting the AGT 714....and I got one!

And I broke the handle on my Cuttlebug, so I got the Sizzix Texture Boutique. It's a lot lighter and if I break this handle...I think it's replacable--and got a great deal on-line.

:) It's a good day!

This is going to be short....

These are from the Wild Card Cartridge. I like the colors--they're manly!

My dh got me an easel to put my cards on when I take the pictures--bless his heart!

I used a white pen to 'dash' the letters--I think it stands out a little more--I did it on the one above too, but it didn't show up in the picture very well.

I matted the inside and put a peice of paper for Terry to write a note to his dad.

The evelope is to the side--fits perfect.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Coughing cruds again....

but I have a pig card cut out and two Father's day cards cut out! Hubby actually asked me to make one for his father. My father is in heaven, but he is with our Father!

I'll post pictures later.

Just wanted to let you know, I'm still lerking around. Thanks for the visits--I love the comments and you wonderful ladies that share your videos, pictures and instructions.

I did have a nice lady give me a hint that I knew, but really haven't been doing.

HINT: Store your stamp-pads upside down and the ink will be brighter because it is all at the surface.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Granny's Birthday card....

Granny Smith--it's true! This is Laura's boyfriends grandma--but she has taken Laura under her wing, since her grandmas are over 400 miles away.

Laura gave me about 3 hours notice to get this done--this is how it came together...

Three cartridges were used--thank you Jukebox!
Cartridge one: A Child's Year-page 48 (school) I used the card--cut at 5 1/2
Cartridge two: Beyond Birthdays--page 96 (Happy Birthday) and used the Shadow blackout
Cartridge three: Doodlecharms--page 108 (cupcake) and shift-cupcake top.

I could have done better if I hadn't been rushed--guess I'd better make a few and keep them on hand!

Hugs to you all! Have a blessed evening!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another Critter Card...

I love these little Owls! One I did at 2" and the other at 1 3/4".

I got in the mail today some Peachy Keen Stamps I ordered. This is set PK-754 Critter Faces SET A Medium.

And of coarse the My Pink Stamper 'Who loves you?'

A while back I bought some small (4.5" x 6.5") papers. This is from DCWV The Blossoms & Butterflies Stack.

Hope you enjoy this. I'm havin' fun now!

Toad-ally Fabulous darling

I LOVE my 'Create-A-Critter' cart, and now love the My Pink Stamper Punny-licious stamps.

This is the first card in the cartridge and I love the way it layers now!

I think I cut the frog @ 3"
The striped mat (5 1/4 x 4) is DCWV Flower Shower Spring Stack
The Tree Mat (5 x 3 3/4) is My Mind's Eye-Summer Song

I used the Cuttlebug-divine Swirl for the blue water
and left a 'unembossed' edge at the bottom to stamp 'Toad-ally Fabulous!"

I ordered a stamp for the back of my cards today. I found this really cool web-site Paper Angel Heavenly Rubber Stamps.

I think this is the one I ordered.

I also ordered a cute return address stamp with just my name.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is this--3 posts today?

These go with my daughters boyfriend's graduation card--can you tell what his name is by his envelope?

It's an ADAM--see 2 Adam!!!

I used my new Fabulous Finds cart. I cut a 4th row 10th button--looks like fild folder--it will hold his gift card to Game Stop.

Oh my gosh....

I just received my "My Pink Stamper" stamps 'Punny-licious'! It is just 'purr-fect' for my new Create-A-Critter cart!

My head is spinning with ideas and my Cricut Expression isn't cutting fast enough to keep up! I will have lots to post soon! Stay tuned! I'm going to go buy all the other stamps--they are soooo cool!

Go here to order. My Pink Stamper.

Oh, and I got my Fabulous Finds cart today and cans see many great possiblities with it too!

I have a dear friend that had hip replacement yesterday....

so I made her a card. This wonderful lady is known as "Nana" in our church because she adopted all the kids as her own grandchildren.

Madison and Huntsville are very unusual towns where 95% of the people are from somewhere else, so most grandparents are somewhere else. Several have stepped up to be 'local grandparents' and it is so greatly appreciated by the parents of these kids that get the knowledge and love from 'Paw-Paws & Maw-Maws' locally!

Hope she get's a 'kick' out of my sense of humor!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cute card, bad picture....

Mary at Cardz TV made this card early this week. I thought it would be a great one to send to OWH. I had no idea what the 'swiggly' thing was until Mary said it was the 'flight path' of the Butterfly. Makes since, but unfortunately, it didn't show up as cute in the picture as it really is! I also stamped the message "sending you hugs and kisses!" I thought that was great for a soldier to send home! Got that cute stamp at Archiver's in St. Louis. I don't think there is a close one here in north Alabama! ;(

I have a button for you to grab!

After about 3 hours--I finally got it posted! Someone grab it and tell me if it works!

I should be posting a butterfly card later...like the one Mary did. Making 8 to send to OWH.

Mary and I were looking at the same cartridge for Father's Day cards and chose the same item! How weird is that! She's such a great lady and good teacher--love her, love her, love her! Go visit her at Cardz TV. (click)

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm sooo sick....

I need to get 'whale' soon!

Got the coughin' cruds!

Don't feel good--going to take a nap!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graduation card

This is the card I made for my daughter's boyfriend. He is getting a full scholarship to Univ. of Alabama (smart boy) and will be playing in the Million $ band (tuba).

The Graduation Cap is from the Wild Card Cartridge. It is actually a card that I glued together. The diploma came from the Hello Kitty cartridge.

The inside "Congrats" is from the Beyond Birthdays cartridge. That's the most cartridges I'v used on one card! I hate people that do that--because there is always at least one I don't have!

I'm going to add a gift card to Monaco's (theatre) on the other side. Hope he likes it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I have a sick friend...

and I hope she likes the card I made.

I embossed the white mat (5 1/4 x 4) with the Swiss Dots and made the waves with the Divine Swirl (Cuttlebug). I think I cut the whale (Create a Critter) at 3 inches and added silver stickles for the water. I used google eyes and got the cloud ( 1 inch and shadow 1 1/4 inch--using center cut on my Expression) from the Hello Kitty cartridge.

I hope it gets a smile out of her.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New projects....

In a pickle? I thought this was sooo cute...some didn't agree, but I'm sending it to my mom how is rehab for a broken hip! These are my fake buttons--going to use yarn and pop-dots next time. This is from the "Just Because" cards cartridge.

Getting there card is also from the Just Because cartridge....also a great card for my mom 'getting' through rehab for her broken hip...so she can get home!
This is going to have a flower added in the upper left hand corner--next time I'll make the dog bigger--sending this to Operation Write Home!

Yep--another one for my "Mudder"! She'll love it! We had a milk cow on the farm in Kentucky where I spent my early growing years! That old cow wouldn't stay out of our garden and she loaded Daddy's shot gun and shot her in the hind-quarters! She didn't get back in that garden for a L-O-N-G time! This is my favorite new cartridge- Create a Critter! So much fun!

This is a cool bird and will send this (plus several others similar to OWH). This is from my expensive new cartridge (normally order on Internet on sale or ebay) Straight from the Nest. It is an exclusive to HSN and must be bought on TV or their on line store. Love this cartridge.

Got some cute little stamps from Archiver's in St. Louis. I'm waiting for some from Pink Stamper!

Hint time again:
Go to 'Obsessed with Scrapbooking' and download and print out the 'Cricut cutting guide' that you can attach to the inside of the top of your Cricut! It works! Thanks Joy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The mailman has been here......

and I got my Straight from the Nest.

Spent most of the day organizing my cartridges and dau is at Walmart as we speak getting the plastic canvas I need!!!

So many cards to make---so many ideas---so much paper--Lord--please give me enough time to make most of the ones in my head!!!!

Mom is adjusting....

Mom seems to be adjusting as best she can. I am so thankful that my other two sisters are there to visit and make sure she is doing what she needs to do to get back home, where she wants to be.

I had a few questions, so here goes.

I got one of my favorite cartridges ever, Create a Critter!!!

I didn't think this would be for me, since my baby girl is 17! But this is great and so fun to use. I watched "Glenda's Marker Method", and just when you think you know it all, bingo--a new method! I'm going to start trying to us markers some instead of glue down all those letters and phrases!

The next cartridge I got is "Just Because" cards, and this is fun for my new passion and ministry 'Operation Write Home'. Check it out--when you make one card, why not make two and send one to OWH!

The one I'm still waiting for is 'Straight from the Nest'. This is an exclusive HSN cartridge, so I had to order it from them. Mary on 'Cardz TV' got me hooked on this one and just had to have it. Check her out, I've learn more from her than anyone else, and she is a great teacher and wonderful lady!

Now I must confuss--I ordered 'Fabulous Finds' because I want to make some mini-albums, and it has some really neat items to use with them.

I also ordered containers for card storage. I got two, one for personal cards and one for the OWH cards.

I also got some containers to make holders for my cartridges and books/overlays (Click). I need to get to WalMart to get the plastic canvas to make the dividers. I found this method on Splatpat blog.

Guess I have lots of pictures to take!

I forgot the question about the buttons. It's a HUGE punch, that not only makes two round buttons (different sizes) and a square one--it embosses the two round ones. I think the next time I use them, I will use some twine to tie in them and use a dimensional to raise it up some to make it look more believable--but I can make a button in ANY color or even pattern paper--how cool is that!

I also got the EK edging punch. They stack so cool for storage and the 'scalloped' scallop is so cute.

Love to all. May God bless each and every one of you!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Create a Critter; Just Because Cards; Beyond Birthdays; Sentimentals; Tie the Knot; Straight from the Nest; and another Design Studio for my new little Notebook Computer my dear sweet hubby got me for Mother's Day. Small enough to fit in my purse! Lovin' it and also can do other things with it (that you can't do with the gypsy!)

Joy's Life.com Cricut ® Cartridge Checklist
I made this list so you can keep up with the cartridges you have or want. You can also print this list out. You could give it to someone so they'll know what great gift to give you next!!

The Font Cartridges come in orange boxes, Image Cartridges come in blue boxes and Classmates Cartridges come in green boxes.
Solutions Cartridges only have about 50 images on them. Seasonal Cartridges only have about 25 images on them. Neither Solutions, nor Seasonal Cartridges have handbooks with them.
Cricut Cake Cartridges can be used with any Cricut machine, not just the Cake.

All Mixed Up
Ashlyn's Alphabet
Base Camp
Calligraphy Collection
Cuttin' Up
Disney - Hannah Montana
Disney - Mickey Font
Disney - Pooh Font
George & Basic Shapes
Gypsy Font
Lyrical Letters
Makin' the Grade
Mini Monograms
Old West
Opposites Attract
Plantin Schoolbook
Printing Press
Sanrio - Hello Kitty Font
Sesame Street Font
Simply Sweet
Tear Drop
Winter Woodland
A Child's Year
Accent Essentials
Animal Kingdom
Batman: The Brave & the Bold
Beyond Birthdays
Christmas Cheer
Create A Critter
Cricut Office Help
Cricut Sampler
Designer's Calendar
Dinosaur Tracks
Disney - Mickey & Friends
Disney - Pooh & Friends
Disney - Princesses Dreams Come True
Disney - Princesses Happily Ever After
Disney - Tinker Bell & Friends
Disney/Pixar - Cars
Everyday Paper Dolls
Fabulous Finds
Forever Young
From My Kitchen
Give a Hoot
Going Places
Graphically Speaking
Gypsy Wanderings
Joys of the Season
Just Because Cards
Life is a Beach
Locker Talk
New Arrival
Nickelodeon - SpongeBob
Nursery Rhymes
Once Upon a Princess
Paper Doll Dress Up
Paper Pups
Potpourri Basket
Sanrio - Hello Kitty Greetings
Sesame Street - Elmo's Party
Sesame Street Friends
Sports Mania
Stand & Salute
Straight from the Nest
Stretch Your Imagination
Sweet Treats
Tags, Bags, Boxes & More
Tie the Knot
Walk in My Garden
Wild Card
50 States
Cursive 101
Learning Curve
My Community
My World
Printing 101
Speaking of Fall
Speaking of School
Speaking of Winter
Word Builders 1 Word Party
Word Builders 2 Garden of Words
Word Builders 3 Ocean of Words

Easter 2010
Independence Day 2010
Love Struck 2010
Mother's Day 2010
Snow Friends 2009
Summer in Paris 2010
Summer Vacation 2010
Very Merry Tags 2009
When Its Cold Outside 2009

Black Letter
Camp Out
Daisy Chain
European Decor
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Home Decor
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I went shopping....

anybody been to Archivers?
I wanted some buttons (darn you Mary--I gotta have what you have)and couldn't find them at Michael's. So I found this punch--that make look-like buttons. I've been wanting it!

Oh yeah, Mary, I got scallopped, scallopped punch.

I'm going home tomorrow (from St. Louis to Madison AL) and then Mother's Day--I have three new cartridges at home! Monday's going to be a FUN day!

Please keep praying from mom. She is confused but praise God, not in as much pain.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry...I've been away....

I'm out of town in St. Louis. My 89 year old mother fell and broke her hip and is in a rehab facility.

So who knows how long I will be here, but she is doing so good!