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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've had soooo much fun today....

I got my Cricut back just in time. Sunday is Hubby's B-day (Monday is mine) and I wanted to make his card...then our wonderful daughter picked out one she wanted me to make for her to give him....

so here is what we came up with and I thank Loraine and Tammy for theirs posts.

The little birdie card is for Laura to give to her father. They have such an awesome bond.

The Owl card is my way of saying he's just getting better! After 39 years of marriage, he's decided he gets the last word in every argument--it's 'yes dear!' (Gotta love him.

I can't believe all the kind comments I got on my post yesterday! Thank you all sooo much--made me feel G-R-E-A-T (as Tony the Tiger would say!)

Hugs--Storylady (Linda)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guess what I got....guess what I got...

Yup---my Cricut--it was so funny--I hadn't talked to anybody since Thursday--and was going to call them yesterday--but decided to give that day to them....so I was loaded for 'bear' this morning when I called about 9:05am and the wonderful Heidi told me it was being delivered today--she said, 'infact it shows it's setting at your front door on the poarch'! Well, it was, and being handicapped--it wasn't easy getting it in the house-but I was determined. So here is the card I made today--I think it is the best I've ever done. I guess I learned alot watching Youtube for 3 weeks learning new techniques!!!

I used my little finger dabber and brown ink and gave the 'distressed' look to everything.

I used the Doodlecharm cartridge for both the basket and apples.

I added the little white dots. I removed the 'holes' that were suppose to be there by using my Gypsy.

I used the Tags, Bags, Boxes and more cartridge for the border around the sentiment. I printed it out on my computer.

I'm so happy now.

More to come later!

Hugs--Storylady (Linda) with :-D (happy face!!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still no Cricut.....but I couldn't stand it any longer..,..

so, thank you again Mary from CardzTV (I say that a lot, don't I!)

I made two Quilt cards. I didn't have any of that pretty purple paper she had so I took some from DCWV Flower Shower Spring Stack.

so, thank you again Mary from CardzTV (I say that a lot, don't I!)

I used my new Irock and put a little bling on both cards. The flower on the first card is a 2 piece set punch a bought a few weeks ago. The other flower is one I've had awhile--I believe prima. The ribbon is from M.

Thanks for looking!

Hugs--Storylady (Linda)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh, I've gone and done it now!

My Expression (somewhere in Fedex LALA Land!)

My newly reconditioned Cricut Personnal Electronic Cutter! (probably in LALA Land, too!)

I found a Cricut® Personal Electronic Cutter on Provo's web site and bought it--with the bonous $'s they gave me--I only had to pay the last $9 of shipping--it's a reconditioned one---soooo---I won't be without a cricut again, EVER!!!--STILL NO CRICUT!!!

But I think I have some ideas (thank you Mary and your quilt cards) to make some without my Cricut.

I wonder which one I will get first?

And what have I been watching? I have a new best friend and she doesn't even know it! Card Crations by Lorraine. While I was trying to get a baby blanket done (crocheting) I watched almost all her videos! Love them! Check them out--and she also is a wonderful teacher!

(I didn't get the blanket done--but just found out about it a week ago and the shower was today!)

Hugs--Storylady (Linda)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


because of all the trouble, they are giving me some shopping credit! Yeah!!!!
Just wish I had my Cricut!

Hugs--Storylady (Linda)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I just save my hubby a boat load of money...

I learned how to make my words print in a cirlce! I just did a 'Happy Birthday to you' and 'Joy to the World' and Merry Christmas. I was just getting ready to order from 'JustRite Stampers' some really cool stuff--and will probably put it on my Christmas list, but so happy to do this cheaply on things I already have!!!!

Here are were I got the directions, but I had to 'tweek' it a little because I have Word 2003, very old--but I know how to use it and love it!

Here are my pix-sorry they are so bad, my batteries are dead in my camara so I took these with my new phone and had to figure out how to upload to the computer...so excited--when I get my Cricut Expression back--I can use my center cut and put decorations around it with the Gypsy or Design Studio!

Still tweeking them--going to make templates for size and shape! Lovin' it!

Great for my cardmaking!

Ideas flowing through my mind!

Hugs--Storylady (Linda)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I had an Epiphany!

Mom would be so proud that I spelled that correctly! I'm not a good speller. I once told my mother that I'm not that bad of a speller, my vocabulary was just too large--which she came back with, 'anybody smart enough to come up with that kind of an excuse can learn to spell'--but that never happened--thank goodness for spell-check!

Anyway, back to my epiphany--pizza boxes! Those of you following my blog, know I am Cricutless--not a place any of us want to go--but I have been sorting and organizing paper and supplies!

I started sorting my plain cardstock scraps in LARGE ziplock bags. I've been starting Christmas cards and hoarding Christmas paper and found I have quite a bit--and we had Pizza Hut pizza--the lights went on--I cleaned the bottom--taped down part of a plastic bag (just in case there was some oil--and there it was--would hold my 12x12 papers. So I will decorate one for Christmas papers and then travel on!

I also have an idea going through my head to store all my 8 1/2 x 11 color cardstock. The expandable file-folders! I'm going to be so organized!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I was going to.......

make some cards with some stamps I got at Michael's that Mary at Cardz TV made 2 cards Hand of a friend and Sweet Flowers Thank You with, but I was surfing through some of the wonderful blogs of ladies that make beautiful cards and give great hints and tips.

I stopped by Creations with Christina and saw a great storage tip on scraps that won a contest, so hubby got me some large zip lock bag and I started trimming and sorting! So I got alot of work done that I would not have gotten done if my Cricut had been here, but I still misssed it!

Great tip and more work than you can imagine--but I do believe I'll reach for those scraps more often! (not that I have a huge shortage on paper!)

So, if I run across anymore great ideas, I'll post them!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ok my beauties...I'm sad ;-(.......

I boxed up my Cricut and sent it to the resting ground in the sky.....or Provo in Utah!

The port that I plug the computer for Design Studio and my Gypsy---would not recognize that it was there. I didn't realize how much I 'tweak' cuts from my cartridges....until I couldn't use it---so hopefully by this time next week I will be cutting again.

I have probably talked to 1/2 dozen to a dozen people at the Provo help center and I do believe you have to pass a "nice test" to work there!

So, I have a few ideas to use some stuff I have already cut and I got a new Martha Stewart punch--so lets see if I can put something together!

Check back and see what I can do with my hands tied!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you again Tammy....

I've always loved the rose on Indie Art cartridge and I love the colors that this card used.

I didn't emboss anything, but besides that, I through the kitchen sink at this one.

I used glossy accents on the rose and frame--I really missed using my DS/or Gypsy!

I used a frame on Cindy Loo--didn't even know they where there!

Thanks for stopping by and I love comments!

Linda H (Storylady)

This one was a challenge....

I designed the cuts on my newly returned Gypsy and....oops--my Cricut wouldn't recognize that it was there...called the wonderful peeps at Provo and they believed it to be the wire...so said they would send me a new wire.

So then I get te cuts on my design studio, and it won't recognize that the laptop is plugged in...so back to the peeps at Provo and they are going to send me a new Cricut. So I am cutting just what is on the cartridges (I didn't realize how much I depend on changing things with my DS and Gypsy)!

So I printed the saying on some purple paper and used the center cut on the Cricut and used the cuttlebug embossing and some edge punches and some ribbon and there it is! I think this would be a good graduation card to, or someone who is doubting themselves!

I got my inspiration from Tammy, again! One very talented lady, that is a sister through Christ! I love her work and her heart! Her site is here

Thanks for stopping by and please, leave your comments--I love them!

Linda H. (Storylady)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cards from yesterday...

I made the first cupcake tooooooo big--but used it anyway.

I like the second one better.

And I had a little cupcake stamp from the Pink Stamper I used on the inside--cute-huh!?!

I really like this green and yellow one--I used the Mother's Day cartridge--can you believe it.

I'll post details later.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment.

Linda H (Storylady)

I receive recongnition...

A very talented creative lady has honored me with two awards on my blog and work on my cards.

I am honored and will be passing them on to those who inspire me....but first I will honor my God, who has given me the drive and joy to do this for Him. I love making cards for those in need and our Soldiers, to honor my daddy and father-in-law, both WWII vets! As someone said, 'ain't no Hallmarks in Iraq or Afganistan!'

Thanks beejay!

Stop by and see her work at: http://beejaysstudio.blogspot.com/

Thanks for stopping by and I have three cards I made yesterday to get posted, so come back later and I will have them posted.

Hugs to all,
Oh, and I love, LOVE--comments--we all do--don't we!
Linda H (Storylady)