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Monday, January 31, 2011

I saw this on another blog....

Card Creations by C

and my daughter fell in love with it....

so I made one!

Now I'm making a heart on (already with charm circle) for her boyfriend. I've got it cut out from Doodlecharm (the one with scallops around it.)
I used the I (heart) U from the George Basics.

Lovin' it.

I got my new wirerless Canon printer today! It's wonderful! I use alot of computer generated sayings, so this is going to be a lot less hassel than breaking out the laptop and then hooking it up to the printer and then printing it off! Thank you hubby!


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(I used the same recipe as Christina on her video!)

A new tecnique and a new cartridge

I've never made a 'pop-up' card and this was SOOO easy and I love the surprise on the inside! I learned a little--I'll add layers before I cut-out the pop-up spot. I may make one with a action wobble too.

On the outside I used the mats from Storybook cartridge and the 'birthday girl' from that cartridge too--my favorite birthday sentiment.

I can't remember exactly which cartridge I used for the cupcake--but I looked at them ALL!

This one came from Pictuesque cartridge. Love the layering and the corners!

I also got Freshly Picked--one of my new favorites (how many times have I said that?)!

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This blog has over 3,000 followers, wow, that says it all!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The next question...

Now that you know what 'accessories' you would take, if you had to limit the cartridges you would take, which 5 would you take? (Solutions only count as 1/2 since there is not booklet!)

See my choices below. This should be interesting!

This is my grandfather on my dad's side. William Arthur Story--known to all in the family--simply "Pappy" When pappy died, in 1969--he had 83 grandchildren! Wow!

This was my grandmother on my dad's side. Della Estelle Harper--known to all in the family--simply "Mammy" She died during WWII--and I never had the pleasure of knowing her.

This is one of the most amazing fathers' in the world and I was lucky enough for him to be mine! Thanks Daddy, for never thinking of yourself! I know you are waiting for me...I'll be there!

My cartridge picks"

#1-Create a Critter (no contest)
#2-Pagoda (love this one)
#3-Preserves (love the fruits)
#4-Lacy Labels (my first lite cartridge--makes neat cards)
#5--Solutions cartridges
(a)Mother's Day Bouquet (I love makeing layered flowers with this!)
(b)April Showers (haven't used this one yet!)

What happens to the ones I have loaded on my Gypsy--hay--they don't count--I want to know the ones you have 'passion' about!

Thanks for sharing!

A good day of card makin'!

I've got a quick quiz I want everyone to comment on. I think this will be fun.
If you had to go into a bomb shelter for the next five years (got your interest yet?) and you knew you could take all your cartridges and mats and papers--but hubby said you could only take five of your accessories you use to make cards (or pages)--what five of your favorite tools would you take? I'll post mine at the end of this post.

Another dear dear friend lost his dear dear friend. I had recently noticed a card done in all black and white. I thought it was very attractive, so I used the idea on this card.

I couldn't get the printer to work on the new laptop--so I'll have to wait to add the sentiments. Hope he likes it. Max was a great side-kick! He was a big black lab and that's why I thought the black/white theme worked.

And now for the little surprise on the inside.

I have a niece, a nephew and a brother-in-law that have birthdays in February....so I decided to start on the cards....and the first one was so cute I made another one just like it. I thought it was the cutest one I had made....and alot had to do with my new Action Wobbles on the owl (I've asked dear hubby for the flip-video camera)--so maybe soon I will have action shots!

And now for the little surprise on the inside.

A close-up of the sentiment and I added one of the little owls of the set with it. I think I got a sheet of 'owl' related sayings and stamps from Michael's quite awhile ago...glad I thought of it....normally I find them after the fact!

Branch on other side--but basicly the same thing.

So I ran out of the same paper and was concerned about using a darker and pattern background....then I realized I like it best--also used an embossing folder with it too.

I used the Create a Critter cartridge and cut it at 2 1/4" I think probably the perfect size. I thought about adding ribbon or boarder punch--but think the button was enough.

Now--what 5 tools would I take with me:

We R Memory Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper

My Gypsy

My Stamps and ink pads

My I-rock with jewels

My paper cutter

This wasn't easy. I thought of my tool set and ribbons and boarder punches, but there are alot of boarders on the cartridges.

Now I am assuming someone would take a camera, computer and printer. Seems logical to me.

Now, I was really surprized at how hard this was. I would be interested to hear what everyone else conciders their 'must haves' to do what we do.

Until next time.....

--Storylady Linda

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paper Playtime Ch#34

Truly a blessing--my husband of 39 years! No one else could put up with me that long!

inside of card--I've gotten to Love decorating the inside with a little surprise.
Made with the new Mothers Day Bouquet (and an Action Wobble!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

2 more cards...

had seen this on someones page...and they used the peachy keen face stamps--so I got mine out. This was an easy card, but I got my Action Wobbles after it was done. I might take the middle one off (I popped it up with a demintional) and put it on any action wobble.
I think I got the flower from George Basic. Used the I-rock to and a little bling.

I'm really enjoying putting a 'surprise' on the inside! On the inside I used a set of flower punches I got from Taget--I think they are EK. And used a Martha Stewart 'branch' punch for a little leafy green.

I got the water from Everyday Paper Doll on page 41--I've used this before. The 'sand' is just torn brown paper. The crab, sandcastle and shells came from Create A Critter page 40.

The hearts are a Martha Stewart punch--which I love! The flower and layers are from the new Mother's Day Bouquet--which I love--it also has about 9 leaves--which I used under the flower. I used the new ACTION WOBBLES

which are way cool--I didn't get in on the freebies--but was in the first shipment of wobbles sold! I'm soooo happy!

The flower on the inside is a Nellie Snellen punch and embosser--cool! I did the inside with the I-Rock.

Hope you enjoy!


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I just have to share..

this is my beautiful daughter--where did the time go?

She will be off to Univ. of Alabama in Aug--things will never be the same!

I love her so much--it has been an honor to be her mother--she really made me look good!

Love you Laura--thanks for being the best daughter ever!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just felt like doing a skunk today...

and what better cartridge than Create a Critter?

And I've come to learn to love adding a little surprise on the inside.

I used a large butterfly punch and heart punch (both Martha Stewart) and the boarder punch--also Martha's. I think the stamp (Stinkin' CUTE) is My Pink Stamper Stamps: Punny-licious. Going to get more of those--love her stamps.

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{Hugs} Storylady--Linda

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Love the new Mother's day Bouquet.....

I really didn't know about the challenge at Cricut Cardz Challenge until I was just 'surfin' the net' with my card blogs and realized I had just made a card that fit the requirements.

I used the thingy on Storybook & flowers from the new soloutions cartridge Mother's Day Bouquet. Used my I-rock to add some bling. Also cut a layer for the flower out of a OLD encyclopidia page (rescued from a re-sale store--$.50--)

The card is much prettier than the pix.


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I think I'm going to doodle on this one somemore....

I'm not crazy about the plain papers in the background.

I think I'm going to add some wiggle-doodles. Hope I don't ruin it.

Before I make changes, anyone got any ideas that I can 'zip' this dullness up alittle? I'll use different paper next time!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

It got us again!

I ment to post these earlier, but my daughter has been home all week and today is the first day hubby went back to work--wasn't I just saying I was glad things were back to normal?

This woukd have been a sizeable snow for St. Louis, but it is the third largest snow in north Alabama! We are expecting a warm-up tomorrow--so I might venture out to get my nails and hair done!

Pagoda, I luv u!!!

I have to admit, I haven't used all the cartridges I have to there potential, but I've really wanted to get into the Pagoda cartridge, so I did yesterday, and boy, I had fun and still have some ideas going around in my head for some other ones.

The first and second cards are from page 31. I love this tree and was going to use it solely, but then added just a bit. Just a small bow on one and a butterfly punched from a Martha Stewart punch--I believe this is the small butterfly punch.

I cut the tree @ 4" and used just scrap paper I had used on other projects.

This tree was on the next page--45 and I again cut it at 4" and used the same punch.

I love pandas and cut this one from the same cartridge on page 36 at 3 1/2". I didn't even try to glue the little eyes on, I used a white gel pen and add a tweak on the ears too (I love my white gel pen). I cut the bamboo from poage 48 and cut them at 4" and used a pattern paper as the highlighted section.

I want to make the fans and some of the branches too. If you have this cartridge--pull it out and see what you can do with it--and let me see them too!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've been busy again....

The first 11 are the cards from the new solutions cartridge 'Spring Holiday Cards'. I used the same background from all of them. I love the Fungi one! There are a few that could be used anytime. These are so easy and fast! I think I would embellish them some. You could just write on the back of it or attach to a card. I think I cut the large ones are 5 3/4" and the small one at 3 1/4". (fit to size for envelope landscape and portrait.) Has alot of different shapes to 'attach' them to, you can just slip into slits on corners! So easy-peasy.

This card is made with "Just Because" Cards cartridge. I cut the card and boarder out, then the pig & Hogs and Kisses from a different section of the same cartridge. I used Valentine paper I got in packs from Target $ bin last year. The 'heart w/wings' I used from the solutions cartridge Love Struck 2010.