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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The next question...

Now that you know what 'accessories' you would take, if you had to limit the cartridges you would take, which 5 would you take? (Solutions only count as 1/2 since there is not booklet!)

See my choices below. This should be interesting!

This is my grandfather on my dad's side. William Arthur Story--known to all in the family--simply "Pappy" When pappy died, in 1969--he had 83 grandchildren! Wow!

This was my grandmother on my dad's side. Della Estelle Harper--known to all in the family--simply "Mammy" She died during WWII--and I never had the pleasure of knowing her.

This is one of the most amazing fathers' in the world and I was lucky enough for him to be mine! Thanks Daddy, for never thinking of yourself! I know you are waiting for me...I'll be there!

My cartridge picks"

#1-Create a Critter (no contest)
#2-Pagoda (love this one)
#3-Preserves (love the fruits)
#4-Lacy Labels (my first lite cartridge--makes neat cards)
#5--Solutions cartridges
(a)Mother's Day Bouquet (I love makeing layered flowers with this!)
(b)April Showers (haven't used this one yet!)

What happens to the ones I have loaded on my Gypsy--hay--they don't count--I want to know the ones you have 'passion' about!

Thanks for sharing!

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