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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I had seen one of these on youtube....

And thought it was cute. I used the Fabulous Find (not a cartridge I think of when making a card--just use for accessories) but this was adorable!

I got this stamp at Micheals in the $1 bin and was going to cut it apart--because I have the Preserves cartridge--but decided since the 'note' area was small--I'd use the whole stamp. I put some Accent glaze on top of the peach after coloring it with my colored pencils.

I also got a stamp that says "i think you are..." and then has 4 other small stamps--a pepper that says "hot", a piece of cheese that says "cheesy", and then the other two above! I love them and almost didn't get them!

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  1. Hi Linda, I just happened upon your site, and I love what your Dad said, sometimes we all need to be reminded of that!! I love your cards, I am a new follower, I hope that you will check out my blog and if you like what you see, you will folow me! Thanks, Karen