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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A good day of card makin'!

I've got a quick quiz I want everyone to comment on. I think this will be fun.
If you had to go into a bomb shelter for the next five years (got your interest yet?) and you knew you could take all your cartridges and mats and papers--but hubby said you could only take five of your accessories you use to make cards (or pages)--what five of your favorite tools would you take? I'll post mine at the end of this post.

Another dear dear friend lost his dear dear friend. I had recently noticed a card done in all black and white. I thought it was very attractive, so I used the idea on this card.

I couldn't get the printer to work on the new laptop--so I'll have to wait to add the sentiments. Hope he likes it. Max was a great side-kick! He was a big black lab and that's why I thought the black/white theme worked.

And now for the little surprise on the inside.

I have a niece, a nephew and a brother-in-law that have birthdays in February....so I decided to start on the cards....and the first one was so cute I made another one just like it. I thought it was the cutest one I had made....and alot had to do with my new Action Wobbles on the owl (I've asked dear hubby for the flip-video camera)--so maybe soon I will have action shots!

And now for the little surprise on the inside.

A close-up of the sentiment and I added one of the little owls of the set with it. I think I got a sheet of 'owl' related sayings and stamps from Michael's quite awhile ago...glad I thought of it....normally I find them after the fact!

Branch on other side--but basicly the same thing.

So I ran out of the same paper and was concerned about using a darker and pattern background....then I realized I like it best--also used an embossing folder with it too.

I used the Create a Critter cartridge and cut it at 2 1/4" I think probably the perfect size. I thought about adding ribbon or boarder punch--but think the button was enough.

Now--what 5 tools would I take with me:

We R Memory Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper

My Gypsy

My Stamps and ink pads

My I-rock with jewels

My paper cutter

This wasn't easy. I thought of my tool set and ribbons and boarder punches, but there are alot of boarders on the cartridges.

Now I am assuming someone would take a camera, computer and printer. Seems logical to me.

Now, I was really surprized at how hard this was. I would be interested to hear what everyone else conciders their 'must haves' to do what we do.

Until next time.....

--Storylady Linda


  1. These are a great set of cards!
    I love the owls!

    I would take:
    1. expression
    2. corner rounder
    3. zig glue pen
    4. pop dots
    5. lots o paper!

  2. yeah--I guess I assumed my paper would come along with my cricut--but completely left out my tweezers and my ATG gun! Dah!!!

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Your cards came out great. I love the punch you used on the black and white one. I really have to think about 5 items. Do you like your i-rock? I have thought about getting one ~ even looked for one yesterday, but didn't see it at Joanns (that is probably good or I would have bought it just to try).

    Carson's Cricut Creations

  4. LOVE my I-rock--you know it's there for good when you heat the glue. I got mine at Micheals and got most of the different jewels. We are getting a JoAnns in Huntsville, AL next week--so excited--Micheals, Hobby Lobby and JoAnns will be within a mile of each other--competition is GOOD! Thanks for the compliments!

  5. Great cards! lets see 5 things: my cricut, paper,stickles,ribbon,carts.Wow I could go on!! Dina