Time in Madison, Alabama

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I had an Epiphany!

Mom would be so proud that I spelled that correctly! I'm not a good speller. I once told my mother that I'm not that bad of a speller, my vocabulary was just too large--which she came back with, 'anybody smart enough to come up with that kind of an excuse can learn to spell'--but that never happened--thank goodness for spell-check!

Anyway, back to my epiphany--pizza boxes! Those of you following my blog, know I am Cricutless--not a place any of us want to go--but I have been sorting and organizing paper and supplies!

I started sorting my plain cardstock scraps in LARGE ziplock bags. I've been starting Christmas cards and hoarding Christmas paper and found I have quite a bit--and we had Pizza Hut pizza--the lights went on--I cleaned the bottom--taped down part of a plastic bag (just in case there was some oil--and there it was--would hold my 12x12 papers. So I will decorate one for Christmas papers and then travel on!

I also have an idea going through my head to store all my 8 1/2 x 11 color cardstock. The expandable file-folders! I'm going to be so organized!


  1. You know I really do hope your cricut comes home soon, for your sake, but I wouldn't mind a few more days while you come up with more organizational ideas because I need them! I am going to use the pizza box one, they stack so nicely! TFS!

  2. LOL! Yeah--I'm getting punchie! But I made my husband eat all the pizza when I came up with the idea--I really think I saw a lightbulb above my head! Thanks for the shout-out--nice to know there is at least one person reading these--even without a picture!