Time in Madison, Alabama

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ok my beauties...I'm sad ;-(.......

I boxed up my Cricut and sent it to the resting ground in the sky.....or Provo in Utah!

The port that I plug the computer for Design Studio and my Gypsy---would not recognize that it was there. I didn't realize how much I 'tweak' cuts from my cartridges....until I couldn't use it---so hopefully by this time next week I will be cutting again.

I have probably talked to 1/2 dozen to a dozen people at the Provo help center and I do believe you have to pass a "nice test" to work there!

So, I have a few ideas to use some stuff I have already cut and I got a new Martha Stewart punch--so lets see if I can put something together!

Check back and see what I can do with my hands tied!


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  1. My condolences :(
    Hope the little guy makes it home soon safe and sound (and working).