Time in Madison, Alabama

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New projects....

In a pickle? I thought this was sooo cute...some didn't agree, but I'm sending it to my mom how is rehab for a broken hip! These are my fake buttons--going to use yarn and pop-dots next time. This is from the "Just Because" cards cartridge.

Getting there card is also from the Just Because cartridge....also a great card for my mom 'getting' through rehab for her broken hip...so she can get home!
This is going to have a flower added in the upper left hand corner--next time I'll make the dog bigger--sending this to Operation Write Home!

Yep--another one for my "Mudder"! She'll love it! We had a milk cow on the farm in Kentucky where I spent my early growing years! That old cow wouldn't stay out of our garden and she loaded Daddy's shot gun and shot her in the hind-quarters! She didn't get back in that garden for a L-O-N-G time! This is my favorite new cartridge- Create a Critter! So much fun!

This is a cool bird and will send this (plus several others similar to OWH). This is from my expensive new cartridge (normally order on Internet on sale or ebay) Straight from the Nest. It is an exclusive to HSN and must be bought on TV or their on line store. Love this cartridge.

Got some cute little stamps from Archiver's in St. Louis. I'm waiting for some from Pink Stamper!

Hint time again:
Go to 'Obsessed with Scrapbooking' and download and print out the 'Cricut cutting guide' that you can attach to the inside of the top of your Cricut! It works! Thanks Joy!


  1. adorable cards! I also got Just Because cards - it arrived this week. Can't wait for create a critter! Love your card for your mom!