Time in Madison, Alabama

Thursday, June 17, 2010

oh my gosh.....

For months I have been putting in an amount on Ebay of items I want and then I get off. I put in the maximum I will pay and then shut it down....well guess what I got for $95.00 with free shipping!

So my next trip to St. Louis, I will have something to play with! I'll need something so I don't watch my daughter drive....439 miles!

I was so surprized when I opened my email last night and it said I had won--and hubby didn't even care!

I saw the new contour button on the Design Studio and the Gypsy--mine is already in the mail! I'm so excited!

I will be accepting hints and site and youtube video addresses for help...so send me the best of the best!

Thanks to all--oh--I love comments!


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