Time in Madison, Alabama

Monday, September 6, 2010

These are just cards....

that where in me and I wanted to make. I was going to put trees behind the snowman...but I made him too BIG! I love the blue paper for his sweater. It has a pearl shine to it. I got some packs marked $5 at our Big Lots. I don't get to to there much because it is way north in Huntsville and just about have to just plan a trip to go there! I guess I'm going a little "Wild" with my dashes and dots--but just LOVE them! I got some plastic snowflakes on one of my visits to St. Louis at Archivers! LOVE that store--good thing ones not close here! Used one inside bottom right corner too--gave a little pop!

Wanted to make the cup cake card because of the little cup cake on the inside of the card. It's and EK punch (2 to a set) top and bottom! It was marked down to $2.99 at my Target (sorry--I got the last one) and thought is would be so cute! Laura has a teacher that has a B-day tomorrow--so I'll give it to her for all the kids in the class to sign--she's the drama teacher! She'll love it!

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