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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm back to crankin' out cards....

and got a great idea to use this ministry closer to home.

My mother-in-law has never driven a car, and lives in St. Louis. My father-in-law is dealing with a lot of health problems and can't drive a car anymore. My brother and sister-in-law live probably about 25 miles away and my sister-in-law works full-time. My 'b-i-l' is dealing with health problems himself. We just got our Birthday cards stuck in with Laura's bday presents! Why--because she couldn't get out to go shopping for cards. My 'm-i-l's' bday was Sept 16 and I made some cards for her--one from Terry and I and one from Laura. She was almost crying when she told Terry they where the most beautiful cards she had ever gotten. The light came on! I would make her an assortment of card and send her some stamps, so she can keep in touch. Personnal contact with people (not Myspace-Facebook or email) has demenished and as a geneoligist that concerns me for future generations. So I have another mission. More cards must be made!

Yup, a new cartridge. Preserves! Luvin' it! A dear friend had hip surgery a few months ago and now a new knee! She's such a 'peach' so what better card!

Her daughter is dealling with some of her own serious health problems, so thought I would send her 'a bunch' of luv! (get it--a bunch of grapes--a bunch of luv!) Again from the Preserves cartridge.

Yeah, another new cartridge, Simply Charmed. So cute, and this is such a cute easy card. I added some bling on the wheels. I got the brads with the brad 'opener' on HSN on craft day and I would have paid twice that much for it! I have arthritis in my hands and this thingy opens up the brads soooo easy! Love it!

My last card I made little--like a gift card tag--but am thinking about making this my Christmas card--yeah another new cartridge, Christmas Cards!

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