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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm busy....

but wanted to get these posted!

I am making a couple of Birthday cards for my mother-in-law and need to get them finished, but have a new FAVORITE cartridge. I never (unless it's an exclusive--like HSN) pay full price--I buy online or ebay....but HAD to have the Lacy Labels from Walmart! I'm so glad I did! I can see me using this alot in my card making.

I've been asked to make cards for a friend who does missionary work in other countries and she's having a silent auction--so I'm making cards for her.

Dear hubby sold one of my cards at work and now have a lady that wants a birthday card and some note cards.

I'll post more when I get caught up!

Hugs & Luv--Storylady

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  1. Hmmm I had not thought much about that cartridge until you posted this picture. I'm like you, very rarely pay that much for a cartridge. Great job on all your cards, TFS!