Time in Madison, Alabama

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I saw one similar on Youtube...

but as always, I had to bling it up a little....
Next time I'll edge around the butterflies with ink.....

and I'll use a little bit darker paper for the "fly"....

but I just love the doily card on the Wild Card cartridge!

I even love the way the inside came out--these were actually an afterthough. I was going to use another word on the front 'Merci', and found the fly and it just 'took off' so I didn't need the little swirly thingie (I normal discard them right away) and change the sizes of the butterfly colors (I'm so anal!!!) and thought they would look good on the inside. I might add a mini one on the 'writing' side next time! It might look good with the print on the front instead of embossed--love the embossing on the butterflies.

I leave the recipe later.


  1. Simply gorgeous, Linda! Love the colors you used! Hope you've been doing well, my friend.

  2. So bright & cheery, I wouldn't change a thing! TFS!

  3. Super cute! Love all the colors!

  4. Thank you my beauties! I do like this card. Going to Shelly's tomorrow and taking my cartridges--she just started and doesn't have many--I have almost 40--so I cut out 10 of these to put together tomorrow. I'm thinking graduation cards for next year--dau is a SR this year and has LOTS of friends.
    Thanks for looking and the sweet comments! I'm feeling good Mary--thanks for asking!

    Hugs to you all--
    Linda H

  5. I passed a couple of awards your way if you would like to grab the buttons, visit my blog www.beejaysstudio.blogspot.com