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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh this is so non-traditional.......

and I'm so traditional! (Stop laughing Shelly!)

I need you beauties to tell me if I should use this as our "Offical" Christmas card this year. I'm thinking of a message on the inside that says something like, "May you feel the Joy that comes from God's love, now and throughout the year."

The pink paper I got several months ago at Big Lots. It has bunches of mistletoe with ribbons and the big one says, 'I saw Mommy kissing....' and the smaller one says, 'underneath the mistletoe' I got a pack of 25 for $1--yes one dollar--and it's double side with solid pink on the back--a nice thick paper! I love bargins!

I have 5 more cut out and shaded, but I'm not sure it says Merry Christmas to me!

Now I want a vote--PLEASE--leave me some comments and let me know--would you love to get this card for Christmas? I guess If I know eveyone else is sending red & green, or even blue & white--this might be nice as a change!

Let me know--

By the way, I took this from a 'simple card Monday' video on youtube. I changed it some--beside the color.

I'll leave the recipe later.

Thanks for your HONEST comments!



  1. Hi Linda, I think that your card would be a beautiful one to receive for Christmas. One thing about it, my opinion here, it would stand out from the others and the person you send it to would remember it. Beautiful card, great Big Lots deal, and thank you for sharing it.


  2. I love the card, my traditional friend! LOL
    It's beautiful!

  3. My friends, Shelly, went to alot of trouble to post this comment--I love my ubber conservative friend! Thanks for all the trouble you went through to be able to post on my blog.

  4. I love the colors! I prefer girlie colors over green and red!

  5. I love the colors!! It doesn't have to be red and green. I say go for it.