Time in Madison, Alabama

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sorry I haven't been on lately....

we lost power on Wed nite after tornados went through our area. Publics ran on limited power--no deli foods, gas was almost impossible to find and when you did, the lines were ungodly! We went to Birmingham and we were just north of it when we found our first reasonable gas station. We stayed in a motel and came home today. We are so spoiled and with Terry's heart condition, I didn't want to take any chances!

I took pics of some new cards, but gave camera to Laura (dau) who went to help her boyfriend pack up in Tuscaloosa. They are still in a little shock.

This tragedy has brought the best out of good people and the worst out of bad people. Goodness and good acts are not getting you to heaven. Please, you good (or bad) people get to a Bible based church, find a minister and find out how to be forgiven and steps needed to get to heaven. Jesus died for all--it's a gift--take it! We could be looking at the end of times--Christians will be gone and the earth will be covered by evil people.

Guess this condition has effected me too!

Love and peace to all!

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