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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guess what I got yesterday.........

Yep--my new Crickie---as I call it or Cricut Expression 2 as it is actually called--it is so cool!

This is the graduate I'm going to use for my daughters graduation next Tuesday--I can't believe it--where did the time go? It is a sparklie blue gown.

This is for Laura's boyfriends sister, Emily. She just graduated from University of Alabama-Birmingham! She was offered a job of the hospital there in Birmingham, and decided to stay there--she must be really good, because they can offer any of the nurses a job and they picked her! Don't you love the brads I found for the nurse! Can't even remember where I got them. If I see them again---I'll let you know. The package says, Brads Eyelet Outlet--12 nurse brads--and I think it cost about $3.00. I'm thinking about just giving her the rest--since I don't know anyone else going into nursing--maybe I'll pull our a couple........

Haven't got the cards done yet, but boy, got lots of them to do, since dau has lots of friends!

Back to Crickie--Got lots to do!!!

{Hugs} Storylady--Linda

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  1. Hi Linda! You will love your new cricut! its so much fun to play with!! I love your little people! Hugs! Dina