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Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine cards and stuff...

I love this truck and of coarse love my 90 year old mother 'Tons'!!! (and of coarse the truck has an action wobble as it rolls down the road and hits all the bumps!)

My daughter is giving her boyfriend and his family chocolate--and I decorated them (of coarse the boys had to have 'Bama chocolate!)

If anyone wants details--leave me a comment.

Must finish my Valentines stuff--running out of time!!!!

Love & {Hugs} Storylady

My sisters--little and big--got matching 'Hello Kitty' cards--thought they came out cute! (It's says 'sending you happy everything'--I love that!)

I'm making post-it note pads for her teachers--two teacher ones--one flowery one--not shown (I'll post later) one for her forensic science teacher and one for her French teacher! Hope they like them!

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  1. You've been busy! These are great! Love the truck one! Great colors on it!