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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh my....

I got an award.

To tell you the truth...it's a great honor to be judged by your peers and to recieve an award. Thank you Dina from Crazy for Cricut I love the way you walk someone through it without video. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm on youtube all the time, but I don't video and it is great to see a successful cricut blogger that doesn't video! Thank you sooooo much.

This is the hard part--passing it on.

1. http://cardztv.blogspot.com/Anyone who has been doing this and lerking in the background and learning from others has surely hooked up with Mary. A wonderful teacher, and a great Christian lady that loves to share and has an unreal amount of creativity! I put her first because she was my first site when I started over a year ago. Thanks Mary for your great work and your wonderful help to all who ask!

2. http://ncscrapaddict.blogspot.com/Tammy E. is one of my newest jewels I found, and as you surf her blog 'Paper Pastimes of a scrapbooking Mimi', you will develop a picture of a wonderful Christian lady that uses her creative talent to reach out with God's love in times of celebrations and times of sorrow. I have many times 'borrowed' some of her creative projects (the easy ones--sometimes I'm not even in the same ballpark with her talents) and I always try to give credit to the original artist--sometime I get the picture in my head and forget who gives it to me--it is never on purpose! Thanks Tammy E. for your wonderful inspirations.

3. http://doubleclickconnections.blogspot.com/Carri from DoubleClick Connection is a lady that probably doesn't know I lurk in the background, but follower her blog all the time. So many talented ladies--I feel so dumb--like a black crayon in a room with people that have a whole big box of all the colors in the rainbow.

3. http://www.creationswithchristina.com/Christina with creations with Christina amazes me. She makes 'series' on Cricut Cartridges. Ever see some of those things in the book and not have a clue on how to use them? Ask Christina--she'll figure it out! And her video on the Gypsy! I've had mine for about 8 or 9 months and love it...but just recently watched her video series on it and wow--I've probably tripled how much I use it. She's another one that probably doesn't know I exist--but I want to publicly thank her now for all she does to promote this great crafting tool (the CRICUT!)

4. http://www.cricutcritters.com/Another Tammy at Creative Critters Cricut Club. I love her style and again, I'm a lurker! Check out her site.

5. http://cricutcrazylisa.blogspot.com/This is a sister in Christ and another Alabamian! She was MIA for awhile--but you know life does sometimes interfere with our crafting. Lisa is very creative, you should check out her site!

6. http://cutecardsandcraftsbyjamie.blogspot.com/Another site I recently came across. I love her creativity and great ideas. Jamie again, probably doesn't know I'm here! LOL!

7. http://binkyblossoms.blogspot.com/Theresa at Binky Blossoms is another wonderful site. I'm going to HAVE to try that Traditional Kissing Ball! Thanks for letting your creative juices overflow onto your blog! Thanks!

8. http://kreations-by-kim.blogspot.com/I think eight was the hardest to pick--but another new one to me is Kim at Kreations by Kim. She has delightful items! Thanks for sharing!

I want to thank everyone who blogs their craft--of coarse I appreciate the Cricut crafters the most.

I would most of the time rather be making cards rather than taking pictures, uploading them and then posting them and blogging about them.

I am guilty of not commenting enough, but that is really the only thing that keeps me blogging my cards. I feel it is unfair to take and not give back, even though I think everyone elses talents far outweigh mine.

Now to list some thing you probably don't know--or care to know about me--but it's part of the accepting of the award!

1. I am a follower of Jesus, my savior.
2. I have been married to my best friend for 39 years.
3. I have the most awesome 18 year old daughter in the world!
4. I lost many babies before God gave me my gift of a baby!
5. I am a recovering alcoholic--almost 22 years of sobriety--Praise God!
6. I had two of the greatest parents in the world! Mom is 90 and has alzheimers.
My dad waits for us in heaven--died 14 years ago with alzheimers--an evil
7. I am partial handicapped with dibilitating arthritis.
8. I am bless with the best friend in the world--thank you Shelly!

This took a long time to write, but wanted all the special ladies above and the ones that I didn't list, that their time is appreciated.

Thank you all who share!

Be blessed and Stay blessed!


Oh-my nickname--Storylady--my maiden name was Story--I've had this nickname for over 45 years!

Leave a comment--feed the kitty! LOL!


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Hugs! Dina

  2. You are so sweet! I think you were one of my first followers and I was one of yours! :)

  3. Dbleclk--I think you are right. I've learned so many new tricks that my old ones look so plain! I love making cards! I love looking at other blogs of people that love making cards. Thanks for your creative juices--they help me alot!