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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've been busy and my internet was down!!!

I have a niece that has twins, one of each. Brianna's Birthday is Oct 30 and Bradley's is Oct 31--so he got the halloween birthday card.

This is from the Rock Princess cartridge--perfect for a 14 year old girl!!!

This is a similar card I made before, but I added flying bats and 'dripping blood' (Martha Stewart 'drippy goo' ?? punch) to the card. Inside I added a spider web and spider. I was going to make a holder for the card, but it came on a cardboard thing that you write down their name and the amount and who it is from, so I just added some adheisive and there you go! This came from the Paperdoll dress up.

Hope they like these! They were really fun to make. I used my Gypsy, and I have a template I use on the A2 cards--one tall--one wide, it really helps me size them before I cut. I have the Expression, but also have the bug and use it most of the time (unless I need a bigger size or need to use the center point.) All the other stuff I can add with the Gypsy--I also have the Design Studio on my computer--but use the Gypsy more now.

I'll post the other cards later.

Hope everyone is well!


Be Bless and Stay Blessed!

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