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Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been neglecting my blog.......

but have been making lots of cards and posting lots on facebook 'Cricut Users' page.

I found a new blog the other day that had 'simple' but very elegant looking cards--so I started making some. Hubby went crazy over them, and when I said,'I think you like these better than the ones I spend so much time on,' and he wisely said, 'I love all the cards you make!'---what a wise man--sorry ladies, he's taken.

Now I'll show you my new style and leave a link to the blog I found them.

The Peace on Earth is a cutout from a new cartridge Scandinavian Christmas Card and Holly is from Art Philosophy.

The Joy is also from Scandinavian Christmas Card.

These are also from Scandinavian Christmas Card, it has another Tree I will be making too. This is a solutions cartridge and so easy to put together.

This is a card and design from Art Philosophy. I copied it from a post on Cricut Users page. I forgot to cut the stem and just used a sharpie to color it in! The Stamp is from one of Mary's from Cardz TV. Love this card.

The simple card idea came from I'm in Haven. Check it out--it's awesome!

Well, got to hit the Cricut! Until next time---


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  1. Pretty cards!