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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mostly for Kathryn............

This is mostly for my neice, Kathryn. She is just the cricut world. We gave her one for Christmas.

As for as demintionals (as you put it--to raise up elements) I have used most of them, but because I use them on most my cards, I make my own.

I use the Xyron 150 1.5" Create-a-Sticker

You use to be able to get this at Walmart, but Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Jo-Ann's should have them too and they have coupons--(check the internet--and our Jo-Ann's honors the competitors coupons). Get the refill that is permenant tape.

I get a foam sheet--about letter-size with adhesive on one side--I get this at Michaels. I then cut a row that will fit in the little Xyron. Make sure you have the side that doesn't have a peel-off adhesive going into the machine so it gets the adhesive. I use to use a hole punch to make round pop-ups--but it was a pain--I just use scissors to cut them. The Xyron machine should be about $10 and the foam sheets w/adhesive runs about a buck apiece--don't to wild--they last a LONG time.

I have an ATG 714 adhesive 'gun'.

They have a new one a little smaller and they sell it at Michaels (around $40) but with coupon, might get it cheaper--have to check coupon to make sure you can use it.

Otherwise you can order one on this web-site--they are one of the cheapest I can find and very fast service.


I buy a case of tape at a time (12 rolls)of the Gold--been told it holds better. I think they can use the same tape.

3M 908 GOLD 1/4"x 36 yds.
Most popular

It's like $45 plus shipping--we could split one if you want--that's the cheapest I've found it. One roll lastest me about a week and a half to two weeks--but I make 2-6 cards a day about 5 days a week and I decorate the inside of my cards too.

If I need a liquid glue I use one of two:

Scotch It's like an elmers--but doesn't make a "buckle" in the card after drying--use this for smaller pieces--not for the whole card.

I use 2 way zig pens--this is my favorite---I would start with the 'pen' size one first--they are about $2-$3.

I'll post more later.



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